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Our main goal at swim lessons is for everyone to have fun while learning to swim.  The following rules have become necessary over the years.  I hope they do not sound mean, but they are all important for a successful season of swimming.


Parking: There is no parking or driving on my street (this includes dropping off).  When I give you directions, I give you two options of places to park without going on residential streets.  Both are about a two minute walk to my house.  Please respect this.  My neighbors have been very tolerant and I would like to keep them happy.

PAYMENTS:  Payments are due on the first day.  REFUNDS are not available.  We are very busy in the summer and I try to accommodate everyone but I cannot refund for people who change their mind or decide to go on vacation,etc.  I feel terrible adding this in to my pool rules, I try my best to meet everyones needs but I have had a few bad experiences in the past couple of years with people trying to take advantage, so it has become necessary to add this.

Deposits:  A $10 non-refundable deposit is required for each session in which you want to reserve a spot. This can be subtracted from your total due.  If you cancel with enough time for me to fill the space I will refund the $10 if you are not able to make the session.


Make-ups: I DO NOT offer make-ups.  However, if you do miss a number of classes, and IF I have room in another class I am happy to let your child do a make-up.  I cannot, however, guarantee that there will be space to do that.

Floaties:  No floaties are necessary for swim lessons.


Swim Diapers:  Any child who is not potty trained MUST wear a swim diaper.


Siblings: Parents and siblings are allowed to stay and watch.  The children are allowed to play on the grass, I just ask that parents keep an eye on their children and know where they are and what they are doing at all times.


Play structure/Trampoline:  Because of my insurance, I have to ask that all children stay off of the large play structure and swings and trampoline.  I know they are tempting for the siblings sitting and watching, but please help me to keep them off of these.  They are, however, welcome to play with the toys and structures on the patio.


Food: Please no food in the back yard.  Water is fine.  I understand that those of you with younger children may need to bring snacks to occupy them, please keep these to a minimum (class is only 30 min.) and pick up your own trash.  I have had more trash left in my backyard and oh the ants!!


The Dog: Our dog is very friendly, however, if your child is scared or allergic please let me know and I will put her in the dog run or inside. She loves kids but please do not let the kids put dirt in her bowls or tease her.


Be considerate:  Please remember that this is my home.  I love giving swim lessons and having you and your children at my home.  I hate having to add this part, but it has become necessary.  Just remember, please take your trash with you and be respectful of our toys outside that we are happy to share with you.


HAVE FUN:  This is my favorite one.  We have two goals at swim lessons.  First, is to teach children to swim.  Second, is for the children, teachers and parents to have fun doing that!!  HAPPY SWIMMING!!


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